Iraq – Demands to form Iraqi gov’t after parliament session ruled constitutional


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:32

Sound: natural

Source: A24

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Dateline: 01/27/2022


The demands of Iraqis to speed up the naming of the republic’s president and prime minister have increased to form the next government as soon as possible. These come after the approval of the Federal Supreme Court of the constitutionality of the first session of the House of Representatives. These demands come for the stability of the political process, security, the provision of services, and the improvement of the standards of living for the Iraqis, while some still question the ability of the parliamentary blocs to form a government far from corruption, as they wield power and decision-making for many years.

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– (Soundbites) Salah Bamarni, a writer and journalist:

“New data on the Iraqi arena. There is a possible security situation that will stabilize. It is possible that the militias that are armed will not remain in the scene, and all these data are seen by the Iraqi individual and the Iraqi citizen to count on the success of this next government.”

– (Soundbites) Ali Karim, a civil activist:

“Today, the formation of the government must be expedited. The provision of services to the citizen must be expedited. The opening of factories must be expedited, the salaries of retirees must be increased, and the salaries of employees, retirees and widows must not be delayed. This must be followed up by those responsible: the prime minister and the speaker of parliament to work for Iraqi citizens. Believe me, the Iraqi citizen has no personal animosity with anyone… But today they aspire for better services, for electricity services and a suitable atmosphere.

– (Soundbites) Karim Hassan, a citizen:

“It is very difficult, but if it were to happen, the government would not last for three or four months, why? Because the same faces have returned, and the reference is the safety valve. A thing that has been tested should not be tested again and they are all tested and known for corruption. He who claims to purify the country from corruption purifies his house the first time he purifies his backyard and then begins with the others, and we are all with you.” But he is mired in corruption and demands that the country be cleansed from corruption.”

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