Tunisia – Tunisian lady starts a project of reusable bags to save the environment


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:05:08

Source: A24

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Dateline: 20-01-2022


The Tunisian lady, Taysir Shtewi, left her job in the cinema, which she had studied, to turn her hobby of reusable bag making into a project. Shtewi confirmed that she had succeeded in reducing the use of plastic bags by around 1.2 million bags as she recycles fabrics and cloths to produce the reusable bags for daily use.

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-(SOUNDBITE) Taysir Shtewi -Craftperson:

“I am Taysir Shtewi, I used to work in the field of cinema, and I worked in many films, but later I decided to change my work and do something that I love. I used to make the bags as a hobby, then it became an essential thing in my life, as when you go to buy vegetable or anything, they ask you if you want a plastic bag, but here you answer no, you have your bag”

-(SOUNDBITE) Taysir Shtewi -Craftperson:

“It is a process of recycling. I make bags of bread, vegetables, and different bags for different belongings of various sizes; it helps in your daily use and pushes you not to use plastic bags, especially the bread bags that we always use in bakeries, as well as vegetable bags. We find it easy to use plastic bags, so here came the idea of my reusable bags, which are made from used clothes or what remains of cloth at sellers; I do not use new fabrics.”

-(SOUNDBITE) Taysir Shtewi -Craftperson:

“Initially, I was afraid of failure, but the project has been running for a year and a half and which is not too long. To test the project, I first started with my friends and family who encouraged me, then I slowly started participating in the celebrations of New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan, etc, I received a good turnout from people.”

-(SOUNDBITE) Taysir Shtewi -Craftperson:

“People in Tunisia are insensible about the use of plastic bags, and we find it easy to use plastic bags in any matter. Our country is beautiful but unfortunately, it is polluted and pollution has become visible in recent years. We see it in front of our homes, around us, and in the sea in the summer. Awareness is indeed important. Awareness is important, and I often take the opportunity when displaying my products to talk and invite people to reduce the use of plastic. You can use your bag and leave it in the car or your purse. Even animals suffer from these bags, then we eat them, so it harms us, and as you can see diseases everywhere; Covid, cancer, and other viruses that emerge, we don’t understand that they are caused by contamination.”

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