Sri Lanka –Sri Lanka continues in development especially in the construction sector despite Covid


The construction sector in Sri Lanka, which is one of the most vital sectors in development, continued regardless of the spread of the Covid-19, as the country’s economic growth rate has been positive in it although it has been negative in recent years. Full authorization was granted for foreign investments, construction of highways, and infrastructure development including ports, which strengthened the country’s economy and ensured the job security of thousands of workers. It also played a vital role in alleviating possible economic downturn during the lockdown period because a large percentage of the country’s low-income people were employed in these sectors. Japan’s JICA Institute was able to complete the construction of the expressway leading to the Capital as a highway on poles, a section of the Central Expressway will also be opened in the coming days, in addition; infrastructure development activities including road widening are being carried out continuingly in every corner of the country. Thus, it is to be hoped that in the future, Sri Lanka will be able to emerge as a stable country among the countries of the region.

Location: Colombo- Sri Lanka

Language: Sinhala

Duration: 00:07:29

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 07-01-2022

Shots list:

– Various shots of the Colombo city

– Various shots of water supply pipe repairs

– Various shots of the road repairs

– (SOUNDBITE) D P M Chandana – Chairman-State Development & Construction Corporation:

“Due to the Covid-19 situation, the construction sector was gazetted as an essential service in the country. As a result, despite the country being in lockdown, construction affairs were carried out continually.”

– Various shots of a building under construction

– Various shots of the workers

– (SOUNDBITE) Chinthaka muthukumarana -Government Development Officer:

“Most of the working people, in particular, are engaged in construction and development-related jobs as masons, technicians, laborers, etc. By securing their jobs, the government was able to prevent a possible major catastrophe in this country. Furthermore, due to these steps being taken by the government, development affairs in Sri Lanka were performed uninterruptedly.”

– Various shots of the construction site

– Various shots of the masons

– Various shots of the crane

– Various shots of the Information board

– (SOUNDBITE) Madhura Withanage – Member of Parliament-SLPP:

“Although suffering from this economic crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, development works are continued. Construction of the Central Expressway is scheduled to be completed soon. Also, construction on the new Kelani Bridge has been completed. All employees contributed with great dedication.”

– Various shots of the road construction

– Various shots of the Information board

– (SOUNDBITE) Madhura Withanage – Member of Parliament-SLPP:

“Some countries in the world have not yet given the first dose of the vaccine. But at present Sri Lanka is giving the third dose as a booster vaccine. Sri Lanka has become a country that has managed the Covid-19 epidemic according to the World Health Organization criteria.”

– Various shots of the newly opened expressway

– Various shots of the Colombo city

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