Palestine – Para-player Awarded Palestine Ping-Pong Champion


42 years old Abdel Qader Abu Libdeh who lives in Rafah in difficult economic conditions in a dilapidated house with his family, especially that he has a disability as he was born without arms and only has two fingers on each hand. Disability did not prevent Abu Libdeh from defying all force majeure in front of his hobby of practicing sports, especially ping pong which he early started since childhood, and after determinate training and progress he became a champion, and represented Palestine at home and abroad. Abu Libdeh could participate in many tournaments outside Gaza Strip, in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Greece and America, where he could achieve advanced positions and get gold, silver and bronze medals. Abu Libdeh aspires to be an ambassador for people with sports disabilities in other countries, and to leave his fingerprint on training field of disabled people in this sports game.


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