Bangladesh – Demands to raise the Rohingya issue before the international community


The former diplomat and ambassador to the USA, Humayun Kabir, stated that his country seeks to end the Rohingya file and work for their return to Myanmar to empower them in society and establish their political and social rights, adding that the issue needs an effort by all parties to reach a lasting solution. In turn, Professor of International Relations Department at Dhaka University, Amena Mohsin, stated that the Myanmar government’s actions towards the Rohingya have not changed despite the pressures of the international community on it and that the issue needs to be raised before human rights organizations, noting that cooperation and business are going on between Myanmar and many countries. Earlier this year, the tripartite talks led by China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar saw a glimmer of hope but did not continue in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, since no Rohingya has been deported to Myanmar in the past four years, as the Bangladesh government has always sought to work alongside the international community for the repatriation of the Rohingya.


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