Old Manama Market, a charming part of the Kingdom of Bahrain

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The old Manama Market, historic magical center from city of Manama in Bahrain, which still retains a unique specificity than the rest of the cities in the Kingdom, for the existence of public services and excellent opportunities for shopping and walking around in the traditional popular market, which is characterized by blazingly colors and different smells, to satisfy all the elegant desires present.

The journey to the old market begins across the “entrance to Bahrain”, as it considers this prominent building, the default entrance of the Market which was built in 1949, and market the old Manama, is the place that you can wander around in day and night, between shops selling gold and spices traders and sewing shops and Currency Exchange shops.

The Grand Market changed with time with the efforts of the ministry of culture which succeeded in regaining the look of the first Bahrain gate. The market welcomes many tourists since it is the oldest market in the kingdom and contains many shops selling traditional and modern good like spices, incense, perfume, souvenirs, handicrafts and others from around the world, along with a group of popular cafes.

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