Preliminary indications of the collapse of the Geneva conference negotiations among Yemenis

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Although the second round of Yemen negotiations in Geneva started, the breach of the truce reached by the negotiators of the agreement did not last but a few hours after starting their implementation.


Rebels in Yemen breached the truce to stop the fire from the early hours of the announcement, which led to the failure of existing negotiations in Geneva city for peace to achieve the target future of Yemen and pull it out of the war that killed thousands of innocent people.

Where more than 50 breaches were spotted in Taiz, Marib and Al-Jawf, Dali and Albayda’a by the rebels while the agreed bargaining parties which are represented by the Yemeni legitimate government and a delegation from the rebels under the United Nations umbrella to stop the fire and create truce. They also agreed on an exchange of prisoners in the second round.

On the hand, a group of provinces committed to the truce and peace-enforcement waiting for the final results reached by negotiators at the table of understanding, hoping to find political solutions to satisfy all the parties to resolve the conflict in Yemen.


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