Gold market in Amman maintains its authenticity

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Gold market reserved their place since the fifties of the last century, between the markets in the heart of the Jordanian capital Amman, is one of the oldest markets in the old Amman, and is characterized by Levant architectural design between Old streets and alleys.

The Gold market is located in the heart of the Jordanian capital and of its people for its Levant architectural design giving it a special identity.

The market was established in the 1950 in Prince Faisal Street in Downtown and contained shops for families like Abu Sara, Sakijha and Alqubti and created the market which sells gold only. Later on, other families started buying shops and it became a big gathering of the Gold traders with shops named with their family names since the inherited the profession from generation to generation.

More than 50 gold shops are located in this market and it receives many people especially newlyweds and people buying gifts since gold is a unique gift given in special celebrations.

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