Attracting Tunisian women to join terrorist organizations

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The recruitment of Tunisian women to ISIS became a phenomenon since they were affected by extremist thoughts which are due to the social upbringing and the living conditions of marginalized classes beside the lack of awareness and lack of promotion of the cultural aspect.



Arab Spring events, and the appearance of ISIS, the consequences of the current phenomenon is still predominant on the scene and until this moment Tunisians demonstrate supporting ISIS organization not knowing that these marches have opened a new gate for the organization to enter the Tunisian scene and wreak havoc and terror between citizens at every level.

According to the Tunisian security statistics Center for Strategic Studies, nearly 700 women enrolled in ISIS and are employed in a variety of tasks within the organization along the lines of teaching and nursing and “sexual jihad” and participating in attracting new recruits to the organization.

Different reasons and unjustified motives led to the phenomenon of joining of women to terrorist organizations, most importantly psychological aspect and social upbringing which are the leading motives for the vulnerable women to adopt extremist idea, where a large proportion of these girls who have joined ISIS lived in turbulent Social and psychological conditions.

In an unprecedented incident in Tunisia, the wife “Rifqa” joined ISIS organization and left the country to Alraqa in Syria with her husband and her two children, after she persuaded her husband to join the ranks of terrorism.


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