Christmas is an opportunity to attract religious tourism to Jordan

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Religious archaeological sites scattered in Jordan broadly making it a land of divine religions, in addition to the effects that go back for centuries of ancient peoples and civilizations such as “Adon, Moab, Ammon, Gilead, and Perea,” and contributed to the existence of the baptism of Jesus Christ and holy Mount Nebo and the rest scattered religious sites in Jordan to attract religious tourism.

Jordan is known for Religious tourism and it’s a region for everyone who is interested in knowing the history of the three monotheistic religions, or to practice religious rituals, all the prophets mentioned in the books of the Old Testament, the Bible and the Qur’an associated with Jordan where they either lived in or crossed by, because of its prime location between the holy city of Jerusalem and Mecca the holiest parts of the earth for Muslims.

Jordan is now working attracting large number of tourists from all around the world towards the site of Christian pilgrimage in the baptism site and mosaic church which contains the oldest original map of the Holy Land made of mosaics and nearby Mount Nebo, where Moses stood with his people and saw the Promised Land and died and was buried on the mountain as well as many old churches and shrines and tombs of the prophets.


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