Tunisia –Tunisian guy tames bees wearing them on his beard, after knowing their behavior and secrets


In a very unusual occupation, Khaled Jibril, from Zaghouan, takes the advantage of the presence of bees on the trees’ branches, to tame them and get them to cover his beard without being stung. The skill of “Jibril” in taming bees originated after keeping bees as a career for him, which he inherited from his father. In the meantime, Khaled spends his day in the field due to the start of the spawning season for bees. Stating that he learned the technique of taming bees by his long association of the details, the behaviors, and secrets of the bees. Gabriel is the only beekeeper who is skillful in wearing bees, as he says that he wore bees for the first time was as a means of protest against the conditions of the peasant in Tunisia, especially beekeepers.




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