Bahrain – Athletic League launched in Bahrain to honor the talents of those with special needs.

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Manama – Bahrain 01/09/2016

Bahrain launched the first ever on a official country level, among the entire Middle East and the Gulf region, the Athletic League, specially designed for people with special needs at the Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa League for Youth center, titled, Generations Forum. The league aims to attract the disabled and the neglected people with missing body parts. This place was meant to give people with disabilities a place to race and feel normal, like they don’t need feet to run and dance, Bahrain gave them a noble chance to gather, compete, and discover their talents, and they even gave them options to enroll in clubs. However, on an individual level, Yante dance group in Ramallah, under the leadership of the dancer and pianist, Dr. Nadia Aruri and her dance team, taught children from the streets of the West Bank, and children on wheel chairs, how to dance. Following long hours of training, she honored them as they expressed themselves on the cultural center stage of Ramallah.




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