Tunisia: The 52nd annual Carthage Festival hosts a musical celebration in honor of the legendary late Arabic singer, Zikra

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Tunisia 14/08/2016

The International Festival of Carthage in Tunisia is a historic landmark, its theater attracts thousands of spectators across the world. During its 52nd, 2016 annual festivities, a number of artists celebrated the life of the late Tunisian legendary singer, Zikra, coinciding with her fiftieth birthday. Artists and spectators alike were touched by this event, demonstrated through their attentiveness and attendance, the depth of the singers legacy and gift she shared with her fans. Performing musicians included a number of talented Arabic and Tunisian performers from Tunisia and the Arab world, such as Mohammad al-Hilew from Egypt, the artisit Asma’a Saleem from Libya, and the Syrian artist Soheib al-Halabi.



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