Iraq: The founding of the tribal crowd for the liberation of Nineveh.

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Erbil-Iraq – 29/6/2016

The Iraqi government has decided to form a tribal crowd in the province of Nineveh, to participate with the Iraqi army and Iraqi security forces in the liberation of Mosul as well as opening the door to volunteer for those wishing to participate.


The Spokesman of the Tribal Crowd said that a mechanism will be developed for the numbers to be received in the camps.
It was announced that the doors are open to volunteer for those wishing to participate in the liberation operations, it is scheduled to receive youth volunteers from Mosul for organizing, training, equipping and arming them soon.
The local government in Nineveh also asserts that those forces are under their supervision and under the law, in order to prevent any violations, and it would be a factor for the stability of the city after it’s cleared of ISIS.
The Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said that the international coalition will have a major role in supporting the Tribal Crowd of Nineveh, and there will be a sufficient period of time to complete the training of volunteers.



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