Palestine: Ramallah Restaurants distribute the leftovers of Ramadan banquets to the needy

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Ramallah Restaurants is having an annual race in the holy month of Ramadan to get rid of the leftovers of food left by customers, which has driven the restaurants Azour and Urjwan to launch an initiative to dispose of the remains of the food that can’t be saved for long by offering it to the staff and the poor and some camps.


Some wonder where will the leftovers of Ramadan large buffet end up the remnants in Ramallah restaurants, however, the restaurant of Azour and Urjwan were able to create a clear mechanism for the disposal of the remnants of food left by customers by distributing it to the staff and needy families.
Salim Sakakini, the owner Urjwan restaurant revealed that they are often reclaim the rest of the rice and keep it for the next day, but there are some kinds of food that aren’t able to be saved so it would be given to the employees and the rest is distributed to the needy.
Sakakini said that Ramadan is the month of goodness and tender, pointing out that the intelligence of the chef responsible for making the food may limit the amount of the leftovers by choosing the suitable amount of food to be prepared to satisfy the needs of the customers.



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