Bahrain: Celebrating al-Kerka’on night

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 Manama-Bahrain – 21/6/2016

The Bahraini capital Manama is embracing celebrations of a heritage night rooted in the traditions of Bahrain called Alkerkaon night and is the fifteenth of Ramadan, usually children walk around carrying bags and drums, asking for Alkerkaon which is nuts, sweets and dry figs.




Happiness and joy filled the shopping malls in Bahrain celebrating Alkerkaon night which is one of the traditions in the Kingdom of Bahrain and represents part of the culture of the Bahraini society over time
The ceremonies witnessed an attending from different nationalities to celebrate this occasion, which is known since ancient times, where Alkerkaon night is one of the nights celebrated by Bahrainis and the rest of the Gulf states and the kids have gotten used to go out on the night of the fifteenth of Ramadan in groups carrying sacks and drums and asking for Kerkaon, which is Nuts, sweets and dry figs, and when they enter the house they begin singing and when the household gives them Alkerkaon children express their gratitude by saying happy kerkaon day, do not cut down the habit.

The development of the new generation has had a major role in habits and traditions, as the Bahraini people celebrate Alkerkaon night in the shopping malls due to the ease of movement and to avoid the hot weather outside.
Celebrating the “Alkerkaon” night is considered one of the most popular celebrations of Ramadan in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf in general, and the most important event for children in the holy month of Ramadan.



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