Lebanon: Families of Victims Organized a Sit-in to Demand Resuming investigations of Beirut Port Explosion in front of Beirut Justice Palace

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Beirut -Lebanon  21/12/2020

Near Beirut Justice Palace, Lebanese parties and families of Beirut port explosion’s victims organized a sit-in to demand resuming investigations of the blast, after deputies, Ali Hassan Khalil and Ghazi Zuaiter requested referring the lawsuit to another judge, as they refused to be questioned by Fadi Swan- the Judicial Investigator of Port Blast Case. The head of the Lebanese Sovereignty Front, Bahjat Salameh indicated that Lebanese people insist on resuming investigations and totally refuse to close the case with invalid findings that the explosion was due to malpractices and administrative negligence. Lebanon was subjected to a terrorist act and impunity has no place when talking about victims who bled to death

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