Palestine –Palestinian transforms solid waste into environmental toys and artistic masterpieces

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Gaza – Palestine 15/12/2020

Muhammad al-Hajj a sixty-year-old man, transforms the solids and waste into handicrafts and cartoon figures creatively. He “Hajj” sits with the waste inside his room for long hours, to transform them into masterpieces. During the lockdown of Gaza, he spent his time transforming environmental waste that is not functional into basic handcrafts that are beautiful and environmentally sustainable.  He stated that he gathers waste consisting of wood, cardboard, sponge, and fabric from his house, relatives’ and neighbors’ that are environmentally unhealthy. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the volume of solid waste produced in the Palestinian has previously been at about 2551 tons per day, in the West Bank by 1835 tons per day and 716 tons per day In the Gaza Strip.

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