Iraq- Crystal Meth is an Imminent Threat to Iraqi Youths

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Sulaymaniyah– Iraq 10/12/2020

Crystal meth addiction in Iraq has mainly struck Bagdad, Basra, and Iraqi Kurdistan. Drug dealers and gangs smuggle large amounts from Iran bringing them to labs in Iraq. Moreover, statistics and official reports issued by Iraqi Kurdistan indicate that the number of drug addicts is soaring in Kurdistan’s main three cities despite tightened security measures and ongoing arrests of dealers, smugglers, and addicts. The economic meltdown in the region and the high unemployment rate offered ideal circumstances for youths to start using these drugs. It is worth mentioning that the Drug Enforcement Department at the Directorate General of Asayish in Erbil declared that during the first 6 months of this year, it seized upon 358 kilograms and 552 grams of narcotic substances, including heroin, crystal, antidote, and others




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