Yemen – Mines of Houthi militia kill the children of Yemen

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Al Uqdah – Hajjah Governorate 10/12/2020

The mines planted by the Houthi militia deprived Elham of walking as she had her legs amputated because of an explosion of a landmine while she was on her way to her parents’ farm taking food to them. “Al-Shouei” family suffer by being unable to treat their daughter, who is one lot of victims of landmines in Yemen. It is reported that thousands of anti-personnel and vehicle mines are spread in different areas where the legitimate government forces and the Houthi militia have fought, starting from Aden and its surroundings in the south to Saada and the borders with Saudi Arabia in the far north. The Saudi “Masam” project seeks to clear mines in Yemen through its engineering team to alleviate the suffering of civilians, as the project management confirmed that the total of what has been cleared since the establishment of the project in June 2018 is 201385 mines, unexploded ordnances, and explosive devices.


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