Yemen- With the Outbreak of Coronavirus and Acute Shortage of Medications, People in Yemen Resorted to Herbs

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Taiz- Yemen 09/12/2020

In the war-stricken region, Taiz city is witnessing an acute shortage in medications and medical services, along with a disastrous health sector. Therefore, people are buying herbs in an attempt to protect themselves from being infected with the coronavirus. In the street market, one would find those herbs along with spices for an affordable price. It is worth mentioning that according to the United Nations, Yemen is witnessing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis since the outbreak of the war between Houthi militias and the legitimate government. Moreover, Yemen’s health system has ‘in effect, collapsed” under the strain of a widening COVID-19 outbreak, as it solely depends on foreign aid.  The spread of coronavirus exacerbated people’s dire humanitarian conditions, who are on the edge of unprecedented starvation, not to mention that millions are enduring in shabby camps that lack basic services


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