Syria- Turkish and Russian forces run a joint patrol in the countryside of Ad-Darbasiyah

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Ad-Darbasiyah – Syria  08/12/2020

The Turkish and Russian forces have marched in a new joint patrol in Al-Hasakah countryside.  4 armored vehicles from both sides were run the western countryside of Ad-Darbasiyah and toured the villages of “Delek, Quneitra, and Qarmani, in the west, Tal Kadish, Ghanameya, and Kerbetili, in the south, then headed towards Tal Teriye, Jdeideh, Baba Mahmoud, Abu Jaradi, Mudawara, Khasaki, Khanki, Kharze, Bahira and Jahuriye, in the east, then returned to its starting point. Syrian Observatory stated that the people in the villages of Qaramana, Ghanameya, and Karkatli, in the south, threw stones at the patrol. The patrol was accompanied by two Russian helicopters.

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