Lebanon: The Civil Movement Organizes a Sit-in to Put an End To Iranian Intervention In Lebanon’s Internal Affairs and Disarming Hezbollah

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Mount Lebanon Governorate- Baabda 28/11/2020

A civil movement organized a sit-in around the UN headquarter in Baabda to mark the Independence Day, with howls of protestors demanding “No State within a state (a deep state), and to bring an end to illegal arms along with Iranian occupation. United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL), Ján Kubiš met representatives of the protestors and received their letter, under which they listed their demands. Hussein Ataya then read the letter underscoring that Hezbollah is behind Lebanon’s disastrous status quo of economic woes, political strife, and the collapse of the health and educational sectors. Hezbollah’s iron grip over the state’s main pillars also isolated Lebanon, impeded implementing the international resolution of disarming it, and forming a Committee to Combat Impunity especially after Lebanon signed an agreement to combat corruption

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