Yemen: United Nations Mission to Support the Hudaydah Agreement Meets the Redeployment Coordination Committee

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Mocha city- Hudaydah 11/11/2020

UNMHA (United Nations Mission to Support the Hudaydah Agreement) met in Mocha city – the Redeployment Coordination Committee affiliated to the legitimate government in Al-Hudaydah to discuss Houthi militias escalation. This meeting came after months of Houthi’s attempts to impede the work of the UN-supervised control points and after shooting the liaison officer in the government team to monitor the ceasefire in the Hodeidah governorate in western Yemen, Mohammad Al-Sulihi during his duty. The governmental committee demanded a fair investigation of the assassination of Mohammad Al-Sulihi. During the meeting, they discussed the plan to move United Nations Mission headquarter to a safe place, they also underscored the necessity to abide by Stockholm Agreement that stipulates a ceasefire in light of Houthi militias escalation on all fronts on the west coast


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