Palestine – Achievment from Gaza: Asma wins the 2020 Global Teacher Prize

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Gaza – Palestine 04.11.2020

“Palestine deserves to lead the global education” This is the vision of Asma Mustafa, the English Teacher in Halima Al Saadia School for Girls, North Gaza education directorate, after winning the “Global Teacher of the 2020” title from the AKS Education Award in India. She impressed thousands of teachers from 110 countries and was able to win after she participated in the competition and presented a range of creative works in teaching, including the writing of books such as The Forty-Five Games to Teach English to Non-Native Speakers, and Educational Trips Around the World to Teach English language Skills. Asma has participated in international education conferences, in addition to implementing the “Teachers Behind Screen” initiative, to train teachers in the educational field and English language virtually.

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