Syria – Violations affected archaeological sites in Al-Jazirah during the Syrian crisis

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Tell Mozan Archaeology – Tal Shair Archaeology – Hasakah – Syria 24.10.2020

Al-Jazirah, in Hasakah Governorate, in northeastern Syria, is one of the richest areas in the world with a density of archaeological sites, as there are more than 1,800 archaeological sites in the region, part of which were exposed to various damages and encroachments during the Syrian crisis, especially by ISIS and the armed factions that took control of the region. Archeology experts stated that the greatest damage to the sites on the island was in the form of military concentration in them due to the height of the hill of sites from the ground, and the SDF also used them as military points after the expulsion of armed groups. 17% of the sites were subjected to clandestine excavations, 16% of the sites had military fortifications, and 9% of the sites were subjected to building violations and soil transfer up to 6%. The Antiquities Authority was able to reach an agreement with “Qasd” recently on the necessity to empty all archaeological sites of military manifestations to preserve the cultural reserve of the region, in addition to its commitment to protecting cultural property.


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