Syria – Hezbollah is trying to fill with drugs the areas outside the control of government forces in northern Syria

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Idlib – Syria 23.10.2020

In the last decade, Syria has become a ground for the promotion of drugs, particularly in the areas controlled by the Syrian government and Hezbollah. Hezbollah is heading the recent attention towards areas out of the control of the regular forces in the north of the country, especially the Idlib Governorate. people of Idlib city fear of Hezbollah filling the area with large quantities of drugs through the border areas adjacent to Hama governorate, which witnessed the seizure of large quantities of smuggled, the last of which was last September. After Hezbollah gained control over the Syrian-Lebanese border in Zabadani, Qalamoun, and Qusayr, by opening those areas for drug trafficking, where trucks loaded with narcotics are passed to the port of Lattakia and other Syrian areas to be exported to other countries, without any obstacles.





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