Yemen- Iran’s New Ambassador in Yemen Indicates Iranian Unswerving Political and Military Support to Houthis

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Aden –Yemen  23.10.2020

Experts illustrated that the arrival of Iran’s new ambassador to Yemen-, according to a statement made by the spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry to Fars News Agency, is a proof of the Iranian unswerving political and military support to Houthis. According to news reports, the new ambassador serves in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. They added that Hassan Eyrlou’s arrival to Sana will have hefty repercussions, as he will be the military supervisor and the de facto ruler of the Houthis, who would certainly further complicate and protract the gruelling war. It is worth mentioning that the Yemeni Government has cut its diplomatic ties with Iran following its patronage and support of Houthis and their ally, the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh

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