Palestine – Innovative project for a natural sugar alternative in Gaza.

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Gaza – Palestine 21/10/2020

Despite the increasing number of unemployment in the Gaza Strip and the lack of job opportunities, entrepreneur Saada Majdalawi, who works as a university lecturer in histology and botany, has succeeded in launching her home project, “Techno Plan”, for the cultivation of the “Stevia” plant, which is native to Latin America, with the aim of extracting Healthy sugar from this plant and its use as a substitute for white sugar because it contains damages. Saada exploited her garden in the city of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, to cultivate “stevia” and she produced packages of liquid and healthy sugar, which is the only product of its kind in Gaza manufactured locally. The sugar extracted from this plant is very popular with the people, especially those with diabetes, obesity, and others, and diabetes is the fourth cause of death in Palestine.


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