Bahrain: Blacksmithing market, a craft of heritage has become extinct.

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Na’eem(Manama)-Bahrain – 14/6/2016

The craft of blacksmithing is a landmark in the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain after the it became associated with the inhabitants of Hoora and Na’eem areas, who inherited it to their grandchildren, despite the lack of basic materials used in modulating iron and metal into multiple forms, including columns, knives, chains and pots in all its forms.



The caft of blacksmithing constitutes a milestone in the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain after it’s summarized for the elderly residents of the Hoora and Na’eem areas who inherited it from their grandfathers, despite the lack of demand and the difficulty of practicing it and the scarcity of basic materials used in their preparation.

The working principle of the craft – which is practiced in the blacksmithing market in Na’eem neighborhood west of the Bahraini capital, Manama – on modulating iron into multiple forms like columns, knives, chains and shovels.

Blacksmithing isn’t much different than tank work, where the metal material is used in the manufacture of utensils in different forms like water tanks, but the emergence of competing materials like plastic and fiber weakened the market of this craft.

Habib al-Saffar, a blacksmithing craftsman, said that the desire of the customer determines the final shape of the product, attributing this to the different tastes of customers.



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