Yemen: Inaugurating Mocha Coffee Club in Conjunction with the International Coffee Day

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Taiz Governorate –Yemen 02/10/2020

In conjunction with the international coffee day, a celebration was held to inaugurate Yemeni Coffee Club. The head of the Yemeni Coffee Club, Hashem Numan said that the event aimed at underscoring Yemen’s role in presenting the popular Mocha coffee which is deemed as one of the highest quality types in the world. The event also raised awareness of the mechanisms used in growing coffee beans. He also indicated the value of the Yemeni coffee bean, as it represents a vital source in the economy. The club seeks to restore the high status of the Yemeni coffee, in terms of the economic, domestic, and national levels. Yemeni coffee is one of the finest types of coffee in the world, known as “mocha”, in reference to the port of Mokha, the place that was famous for selling and exporting coffee to different countries of the world

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