Lebanon- Analysts: US Puts Pressure on Hezbollah to Retreat from its Pro-Iranian Policy through Imposing Sanctions on its Allies

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Beirut – Lebanon  16/08/2020

Analysts revealed US intention in imposing sanctions on politicians and businessmen who are allies to Hezbollah, in an attempt to besiege them and their allies in the region, as well as to force them to retreat from their policies and actions that are taking place on behalf of Iran. The US also aims at rearranging the status in Lebanon as focusing on the Foreign Minister – Gebran basil is a dramatic advancement. Moreover, US is determined to resume sanctions. Analysts also indicated that Caesar Act was clear that the first list was only the beginning, and if sanctions come into effect, Hezbollah will eventually involve more in its black economy. This is manifested by Hezbollah’s method in controlling the exchange market and the dollar market. They confirmed that the Caesar Act is not targeting the Lebanese people; the essence of theses sanctions is to protect the Lebanese people and the Lebanese economy”.

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