Lebanon- The compass of suspicion point toward Hezbollah as the culprits guilty of importing Ammonium into Beirut

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Beirut – Lebanon 13/08/2020

Analysts pointed out that the role of Hezbollah cannot be isolated from everything that is happening in the Lebanese arena, especially since Hezbollah holds all the joints of power, political decision-making and infrastructure in the country, they showed that the entry of 2700 tons of ammonium into Lebanon was based on a major political decision and not within the framework of a smuggling operation, so all suspicions are directed towards Hezbollah, which in one way or another covered the process of bringing ammonium into Lebanon, analysts demanded for the necessity of an international investigation into the Beirut port bombings, referring that the internal investigation will not be able to go beyond simple assumptions and will not reach any results in the future, they also confirmed that the port bombings are not the from an accident as the official version that satisfies Hezbollah speaks who cannot officially admit the existence of weapons or materials used for the manufacture of explosives on the one hand, and It removes any suspicion that Israel has targeted the weapons cache on the other hand, as it cannot bear the enormous scale of destruction, which is considered a crime against humanity and genocide, and imposes on it very large compensation.

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