Syria – Autonomous-administration calls on residents of its regions to take protection measures to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus

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Qamishli – Hasaka – Syria  24/07/2020

The Health Authority in the autonomous -administration in northern and eastern Syria announced during a press conference the emergence of 4 positive cases of coronavirus, 3 of which are in the city of Qamishli and the fourth is in the city of Hasaka, the authority confirmed that the inability to control the spread of the virus in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and its large outbreak in areas controlled by the Syrian regime, as well as its outbream in Turkey was the cause of its emergence in the areas of autonomous-administration, the joint chairman of the Health Authority in north and east Syria, Joan Mustafa, during the conference pointed out that the autonomous -administration has tried to stand up to the spread of the virus by alerting all its offices and was able for a long time to prevent its outbreak, calling on all residents of the region to take the necessary protection measures and cooperate with the concerned authorities in order to protect and prevent the virus.


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