Tunisia – Oud industry is a hereditary craft in Ben Asfar family

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Ariana Governorate – Tunisia 05/07/2020

Muhammad Al-Hadi Bin Al-Asfar inherited the craft of the Tunisian oud industry from his father, the founder of the first workshop for making musical instruments in the country in the early twenties of the last century, so he was able to transform it into a craft inherited by the generations of the family, and the Tunisian oud is characterized by its small size, long arm, and various inscriptions as it contains only 4 strings In comparison with the 5 strings of the eastern oud, Muhammad al-Hadi worked to inherit the craft of oud making for his son Muhammad Islam, despite the educational certificates obtained, he is proud of the profession of his grandfather and his father, and seeks to preserve it and transfer it to his children.

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