Tunisia – A women’s club aiming to spread jubilation and singing

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Tunis – Tunisia  25/06/2020

In order to entertain themselves and overcome their psychological problems and the stresses of life and responsibilities that lie upon them as women, Rahma Ben Afana, a pianist and eastern and western vocalist, founded the “club elle” for women in Rades, Tunis, in order to teach and learn the origins and techniques of singing and music and to get rid of the daily routine of life, although the segments of women joining this club differ between lawyers, doctors, housewives, married and singles, they were united by one goal, which is to entertain themselves and have fun and to form friendships with the club members, the accepted age of the club members is between 16 and 80 years old, while singing is not the only activity in the club, there are many opportunities for the members of the club to participate in a number of cultural events and festivals and organize trips inside and outside the country, in addition to the fact that some women were able to overcome depression which they suffered from before entering the club.

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