Syria – ISIS Women spread ISIS Ideas in Camps “Exclusive Scenes”

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Rouge camp – Derek city – Al-Hasakah governorate – Syria 23/06/2020

The return of ISIS and its sleeping cells may not only be limited to reorganizing its ranks and carrying out military and field operations only. ISIS women residing in refugee camps such as Al-Hol camp and Rouge camp in the Al-Malikiyah countryside in Derek city, northeastern Syria, their belief in ISIS ideology remains unchanged, as they work to spread the ideas of ISIS and the imposition of its teachings through a group of women who took upon themselves the continuity of ISIS ideology, In the event that some women reject the ideas of the organization and return to their normal lives and disclose the secrets of ISIS, they may be harassed and sometimes assaulted and threatened with death, and many organizations, the media and even the security authorities cannot enter the places where these women are in the camps because of their beating, Kimmeli, one of the 47-year-old ISIS women of Canadian-American descent, says, says that she was threatened with death because she no longer wears the hijab in Al-Hol camp in Al-Hasakah province, which made her leave the camp, especially after her children were transferred to their homeland, and moved to Rouge camp, which he is considered better and safer, and Kimmeli added that she hates ISIS because of their greed and abuse of children and women, contrary to what they were promoting it as an implementation of the teachings of Islam.”

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