Iraq – Iranian opposition accuses current regime of being involved in assassination of his opponents

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Sulaymaniyah- Kurdistan Region – Iraq  23/06/2020

The opposition Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran accused the regime of its country of being involved in the assassination of its opponents for 40 years to cover its continuing political, economic and humanitarian failure at home and abroad, and to suppress the facts, the party showed that Tehran had violated its agreements with Europe by implementing liquidation of opponents in Romania, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and planning bombings in France and Denmark against Iranian anti-government groups, stressing the need to support the Iranian opposition popularly and politically, to seek an alternative to the current system in a manner that guarantees living in peace and freedom by applying democracy and reap interference in the affairs of other countries, It is noteworthy that the Iranian regime carried out more than 360 international terrorist operations that include assassinations, bombings and attacks in more than 40 countries.

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