Lebanon – Caesar sanctions target Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its allies

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Beirut – Lebanon 17/06/2020

The “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act” came into force on Wednesday, which includes U.S. sanctions signed by President Donald Trump later last year aimed at tightening the stranglehold on the Syrian regime and its allies and collaborators, the sanctions in Lebanon specifically included institutions such as Jamal Trust Bank and parties such as The Iranian-backed Hezbollah and political figures speaker Nabih Berri and former Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil amid fears of the expansion of the punishments, analysts pointed to the direct targeting of Caesar act of Hezbollah’s allies in the country, which will have negative repercussions on the entire Lebanese society, they also stressed the need to not allow Hezbollah to fight outside the borders and support the Syrian regime to avoid getting Lebanon into the conflicts in the region.

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