Iraq- Analysts: The Iranian regime is draining the wealth its people which have affected media funding levels

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Iraq + Bahrain 17/06/2020

Analysts pointed out that the continued deepening of U.S. economic sanctions against Iran is beginning to bear fruit these days, this has affected the levels of funding received by the groups associated with Iran, whether media or non-media, and the economic collapse was evident on the Iranian media, whose performance has declined to a significant level in the past period and some of them are threatened with closure by communication satellite companies such as Press TV, Alalam TV, as well as iFilm, because of its inability to pay its accumulated debts, analysts added that the Iranian regime is draining the wealth and capabilities of the Iranian people themselves, and that there is no system, law or state institutions or the principle of control and justice in Iran, so most of the revenues of the health, commercial and media sector are depleted by corruption, theft and bribes, and the wealth is directed to a certain group of people of Persian race who do not exceed 5% of the entire Iranian population.

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