Iraq – Ahwazi Arabs recount their suffering and sad memories dominated by oppression and thirst

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Alamara + Najaf + Erbil – Iraq 11/06/2020

Iran continues its repressive internal policy of minorities, particularly the Ahwazi Arabs in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, where the water crisis affecting villages and areas in Ahvaz has escalated amid rising temperatures in those areas, in addition to the increased outbreak of the Coronavirus, and the number of Ahwazi citizens told Arab24 agency about the persecution and repression they were subjected to at the hands of the Iranian authorities, in addition to their lack of basic livelihoods such as safe drinking water and other areas of the oil centers in Iran that suffer from extreme poverty, the strategist,Ayad Altoofan, pointed out that these areas are expected to witness the escalation of demonstrations in the coming days, especially after the barrier of fear and bloodshed was broken, where the Arabs of Ahwaz will take revenge for their  martyrs and for their miserable living situation, Ayad Altoofan added that Iran will be a plate of fire because of the economic crisis and the continuation of protests in it, especially in the Ahvaz, and that the repression of the Iranian authorities of the Ahwazis and Arabs in general is also done by training the Iranian military unit when they put the the Arab keffiyeh as a goal to be shot at.

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