Lebanon- Lebanese people insist on continuing protests to overthrow Diab government

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Riad Al-Solh Square – Downtown Beirut – Lebanon 11/06/2020

Protests continue in the Lebanese capital Beirut, where a number of demonstrators gathered wednesday evening in Riad al-Solh Square in central Beirut to protest against the deteriorating economic situation and the rise of the dollar, demonstrators confirmed the continuation of their protests on a daily basis until the overthrow of the Government of Hassan Diab of Hezbollah, which has not drawn up since its formation a rescue plan to fix the economic situation, analysts blamed the collapse of the economic situation on the Iranian-backed Hezbollah as the final order in the balance of power in Lebanon and the fact that the Lebanese government belongs to it, They pointed out that Hezbollah portrays itself as not concerned with this popular movement, and added that there are those who seek to transform the movement from a demand issue to a sectarian issue.

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