Lebanon – Pro-Iranian Hezbollah drains the Bank of Lebanon reserves by smuggling fuel and wheat

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Beirut – Lebanon  31/05/2020

Analysts pointed out that Hezbollah pro-Iranian party is building in Lebanon a parallel economy or what is known as the “monetary economy” which it uses today after  Lebanon entered on the line of U.S. sanctions and prevented Hezbollah from accessing the banking sector in Lebanon, stressing that the party contributes significantly to the depletion of the reserves of the Bank of Lebanon, through the smuggling of fuel, wheat and raw materials supported by the bank nearly with 4.5 billion dollars to Syria, and that there are 2.5 billion dollars or more that went to Syria before the “Law of Caesar” came into force, a number of citizens blamed the economic collapse in Lebanon to the government of Diab, which they called the Government of Hezbollah.


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