Tunisia – Political crisis as a result of the parliament speaker abusing his constitutional powers

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Tunis – Tunisia  30/05/2020

All parliamentary blocs in the Tunisian parliament rejected the speaker of parliament’s exceeding his powers which are set out by the constitution and the internal rules of parliament regarding his contact with the President of the Libyan Presidency, Fayez al-Sarraj, and congratulating him on his military victory against Libyan parties affiliated with Haftar’s forces. It is worth mentioning that Tunisia’s official attitude towards what is happening in Libya is to reject any foreign military intervention in Libya and to stand to distance from the Libyan parties. For his part, President Kais Saied condemned what the speaker of parliament has done and confirmed that Tunisia is one country and has one president, he also called on the deputies to hold a plenary session in order to hold the speaker of parliament accountable on this issue and his interference in diplomacy, which could have a negative impact on Tunisia’s relationship with Libya.

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