Iraq- Analysts: Iran refuses to activate UN sanctions to maintain stability of domestic conditions

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Baghdad – Iraq 17/05/2020

The skirmishes and the intensification of the war of threats in the region between the United States and the Republic of Iran are still evident to this day, the latest was the threat of the United States to re-activate imposing all United Nations sanctions on Iran, if the Security Council of the United Nations does not extend the arms embargo on Tehran, which was rejected by The Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, analysts explained that Iran rejects these sanctions, in order to maintain the life of its citizens and maintain the living sustainability of the people, since if the decision is implemented, the biggest loser will be the Iranian citizen, and analysts added that the blockade has affected the internal situation of Iran significantly, especially after the outbreak of the coronavirus and the deterioration of the health situation, because of Iran’s urgent need for humanitarian and medical assistance to overcome this ordeal.

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