Yemen – A teacher uses the shadow of a tree as a school to teach children of a remote village

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Al-Qubaita Wadi Al-Qadra area – Lahj governorate – Yemen 17/05/2020

Far from the noise of cities and their schools and in a village not known to passers-by of the fears of the coronavirus in The Province of Lahj in southern Yemen, a teacher used the shadow of a tree in the village of Al-Qubaita in wadi al-Qadra as a school to teach dozens of students of its children, where he made plastic cans educational and recreational means that may not be found in many schools in Yemeni cities, many of which have been destroyed by the war that continues to this day. Teacher Ghaleb Ali talks about the complete absence of the role of the authorities and organizations in the face of what the region is experiencing in all aspects of life and education in particular, asking the government and the private sector to help build a school for the villagers.

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