Palestine – On the road to Jerusalem…. The largest digital art event to mark the Right of Return day

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Gaza Strip – Palestine  15/05/2020

The Rawassi Palestine Foundation for Culture, Arts and Media, in collaboration with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine on the occasion of the 72nd Anniversary of the Nakba, launched the 6th Palestine International Festival of Culture and Arts under the theme “On the road to Jerusalem” as part of the largest international digital art event to commemorate The Right of Return day and enrich the artistic movement in support of the Palestinian cause, with the participation of dozens of artists from Palestine and other Arab and Islamic countries.It should be noted that “Rawassi Palestine” holds the festival every year through a series of cultural and artistic events field in Palestine and a number of Arab and Islamic countries in the presence of popular and official personas, however it was electronically held this year due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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