Syria- NES announces recovery of coronavirus cases and the removal of isolation of one of Hasaka’s neighborhoods

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Qamishli – Hasaka – Syria  13/05/2020

The crisis cell for the coronavirus in the areas of The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced the recovery of two cases of coronavirus in the neighborhood of al-Omran in the city of Hasaka, Joint Chairman of the Executive Body, Talaat Younis, said that the total isolation imposed on the neighborhood has been lifted, and that the decisions and measures taken recently on the entire north of Syria will be implemented on the city of Hasaka and al-Omran neighborhood also, the crisis cell also decided to impose a partial ban on movement in the areas of northern Syria, and to allow the people to move between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m, with stressing on the importance of taking all preventive measures and preventing gatherings, especially in the markets, in preparation for Eid.

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