Syria – Freeing a girl detained by an ISIS family in Al-Hawl camp

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Al-Antariya Village – Hasaka Countryside – Syria 12/05/2020

The 16-year-old Yazidi house freed the girl, Ronia Faisal Meskin, from the grip of a Russian ISIS family living in al-Hawl camp in Hasaka governorate for Syrian and Iraqi immigrants from the organization, where Ronia was detained and living with an ISIS family of Russian nationality, she says that she has not gotten married yet, and has mastered speaking Russian alongside Arabic and her Kurdish language, Ronia said that she misses her family very much and all she wishes is to be able to reach them, and that her fear of being punished was the reason for her delay in leaving the camp, in addition to the quarantine imposed due to the Coronavirus epidemic also was another obstacle that stopped her from leaving and access to her family, The Yazidi House is working to provide a way for these girls to reach their families in the Sinjar Mountains in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq after hosting them for several days in order to prepare them and introduce them to the new life to alleviate the tragedy they have been subjected to.

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