Syria – Liberation of a Yazidi girl from ISIS women in Al-Hawl camp

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Qamar village- Hasaka countryside – Syria  11/05/2020

The Yazidi house in northern and eastern Syria freed Yazidi girl Laila Murad Eido, from the Iraqi ISIS women in Al-Hawl camp, after a long investigation of Yazidi girls by ISIS operatives, Laila has lived in the Al-Hawl camp with one of her Iraqi companions, and she did not dare to tell the camp’s security forces that she was there through loudspeakers, out of fear that that the ISIS women would harm her or burn her tent.Laila married one of the group’s members in Mosul and lived with a family from Tal Afar when her husband, an ISIS member who was involved in the invasions, Laila says that he was killed during one of them and she was forced to flee the Baguz and turn herself in to the Kurdish forces and  she arrived to Al -Hawl camp, Laila was released from the camp a month and a half ago, but the curfew imposed due to the Coronavirus epidemic delayed her return to her family in Sinjar, the Yazidi house estimates that approximately 40 Yazidi children and women are still in the camp, while around 2,000 are still missing, including those ISIS families displaced to Turkey and opposition areas in northern Syria which made it difficult for them to return.

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